My Focus

relaxation-energetiqueHypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that allows a client to focus and concentrate on a specific thoughts and suggestions. My main passion is to help clients and families who are dealing with the transitions from this life. Hypnosis can help people achieve their goals and improve their lives in many areas such as smoking cessation, self-improvement, relaxation, salesmanship, and stress reduction. I offer a free screening to determine if you will benefit from my services.

Today is the Day!


NOW is the time to leave those bad habits behind. Hypnosis can help. Contact me today to set up your free screening. Get yourself on the path toward health and peace of mind.

Power In Numbers

I am so happy to have a powerful mentor and a fabulous group of colleagues that freely aid in my growth. We conference weekly to learn together, share and support each other. Accountability helps all of us to be the best hypnotist we can be for our clients.

Who else is using others to reach their personal and/or career goals and how does that work for you?

Blessing of Woman

I am so fortunate to be associated with wonderful caring woman in the field of hypnosis. Not to say that there aren’t great men in my field as well. However, the woman I share with and learn from are special and gifted and I am grateful to count them as my colleagues and friends.


To truly assist others in making positive changes in their lives and to make necessary shifts in ourselves it is imperative to first get out of our own way.

Great day of training.

I sm so happy that I choose to attend this IHTC training.  I am learning and honing my skills as well as expanding my own awareness.

Up and Away

Off I go to Florida for the hypnosis training.  Excited to be trained by the top professionals in the industry.

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Hospice and Hypnotherapy

I met with the hospice volunteer coordinator on Friday.  I am so excited about the training and the contributions I can make.

Hypnotherapy Helps Hospice Patients

I am SOOOOOO excited!  I just put in my application to be a volunteer with Hoffmann Hospice.

Hypnotherapy Helps Hospice Patients.