It is Privilege

The ability to help people make positive changes in their lives that improve their health and well being is a blessing beyond measure.


Power In Numbers

I am so happy to have a powerful mentor and a fabulous group of colleagues that freely aid in my growth. We conference weekly to learn together, share and support each other. Accountability helps all of us to be the best hypnotist we can be for our clients.

Who else is using others to reach their personal and/or career goals and how does that work for you?

Blessing of Woman

I am so fortunate to be associated with wonderful caring woman in the field of hypnosis. Not to say that there aren’t great men in my field as well. However, the woman I share with and learn from are special and gifted and I am grateful to count them as my colleagues and friends.

Seal of Excellence

Seal of Excellence

So Glad I Could Help

Yesterday morning my boyfriend underwent extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy to break up a 10 mm kidney stone that was causing him discomfort.  Following this procedure one feels sore at first but that is following my the pain of passing the remaining particles of the stone.  He also became extremely nauseous so was unable to keep down any pain medication.  Between vomiting and passing sandy substance in his urine it was hard to get his attention.  Finally, however, he was able to focus and I used hypnosis (which I had cleared with the surgical staff) to help with his pain.  He was able to sleep between his many trips to the bathroom and today his is up and running errands, joking as usual and not allowing me to pamper him any more.  I am so happy that I had the tools to assist him through this situation.  It is so difficult to watch a loved one suffer.

Wake Up Relaxed and Peaceful

Recently, I had a smoking cessation client relate her experience listening to our stress relief hypnosis CD.  She and her husband put it on and at first felt silly.  They restarted and really listened and then fell off to sleep.  This woman has a very stressful job and many outside activities that tend to keep her wound up.  However, she was amazed to wake up the next morning feeling relaxed and peacefully looking forward to her day.


To truly assist others in making positive changes in their lives and to make necessary shifts in ourselves it is imperative to first get out of our own way.

Great day of training.

I sm so happy that I choose to attend this IHTC training.  I am learning and honing my skills as well as expanding my own awareness.

Up and Away

Off I go to Florida for the hypnosis training.  Excited to be trained by the top professionals in the industry.

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