In November 2010 by husband, Scott, passed away after a six month battle with pancreatic cancer.  During the time that I cared and grieved for him I gained quite a bit of weight and the time came to let it go.

I had tried many diets in the past and would lose and gain and gain some more.  I wasn’t looking forward to that process so I did nothing.

A friend asked me if I knew a hypnotist for weight loss.  She had used hypnosis in the past for smoking cessation and knew it would work for weight loss.  I had a very good friend that was a hypnotist told so I called to see if she could help us out. Frankly, I really didn’t believe in hypnosis for weight loss but I decided to check it out.

The appointment day arrived and I showed up  for the free screening and was convinced to give it a try.  The weight I lost with hypnosis was the easiest weight I ever lost. My attitude and behavior were immediately altered.

However, it was the deep relaxation and renewal that convinced me to become a hypnotist myself. I realized what a gift it would have been to be strengthened and refreshed while I was a caregiver for my late husband and mother. The stress incurred as a caregiver is immeasurable and they need to be supported and sustained. Therefore, one of my main focuses as a hypnotist is to contribute in the hospice environment.

Please contact me to set up your first appointment. I conduct a free screening to see if you are a good candidate for hypnosis.