Intention vs. “not” Intention or How to “NOT” Level

Great examples


Happy Fathers Day

I am grateful for all the “fathers” in my life, past and present.

Trust the Process

Sometimes change happens suddenly and sometimes it creeps up on you.  Sometimes changes are big and powerful and sometimes they are slow and steady.  Don’t measure your success by another’s yardstick.  Your changes happens at the pace the is right for you.  It is important to recognize and celebrate your growth.  Trust the process!

Get into a new groove with hypnosis

Get into a new groove with hypnosis.

Today is the Day!


NOW is the time to leave those bad habits behind. Hypnosis can help. Contact me today to set up your free screening. Get yourself on the path toward health and peace of mind.



It is Privilege

The ability to help people make positive changes in their lives that improve their health and well being is a blessing beyond measure.

Power In Numbers

I am so happy to have a powerful mentor and a fabulous group of colleagues that freely aid in my growth. We conference weekly to learn together, share and support each other. Accountability helps all of us to be the best hypnotist we can be for our clients.

Who else is using others to reach their personal and/or career goals and how does that work for you?