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relaxation-energetiqueHypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that allows a client to focus and concentrate on a specific thoughts and suggestions. My main passion is to help clients and families who are dealing with the transitions from this life. Hypnosis can help people achieve their goals and improve their lives in many areas such as smoking cessation, self-improvement, relaxation, salesmanship, and stress reduction. I offer a free screening to determine if you will benefit from my services.

Inhale Love Exhale Graditude

Thanks Jenice for this reminder.



I find that when things are not going well or the way I want them to I have to stop and ask myself, what kind of attitude am I operating under. The answer is always that I am operating under a negative attitude. When I shift my attitude to one of gratitude things just start to get better. I just love how that happens 
Are you in an attitude of gratitude? 


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Love thy self

Had a client tell me yesterday she was learning to love herself through the work we’re doing together.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!


Obstacles are an opportunity to succeed.


Did you ever notice that when a plant encounters something that is blocking Imageit’s growth   progress, it makes a slight shift away from the obstacle and keeps growing.   How do you view obstacles? Do you see them as stop signs or do you view them as a sign to make a shift in what you are doing  and then keep going.

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Intention vs. “not” Intention or How to “NOT” Level

Great examples

Happy Fathers Day

I am grateful for all the “fathers” in my life, past and present.

Trust the Process

Sometimes change happens suddenly and sometimes it creeps up on you.  Sometimes changes are big and powerful and sometimes they are slow and steady.  Don’t measure your success by another’s yardstick.  Your changes happens at the pace the is right for you.  It is important to recognize and celebrate your growth.  Trust the process!

Get into a new groove with hypnosis

Get into a new groove with hypnosis.

Today is the Day!


NOW is the time to leave those bad habits behind. Hypnosis can help. Contact me today to set up your free screening. Get yourself on the path toward health and peace of mind.